General Requirement for the Submission of Oral and E-Posters Presentations


General requirements:

  • For an abstract to be ACCEPTED, it must fully comply with the regulations on time and its author must be registered to the congress.
  • The presentations must be of a topic of general interest and may be: clinical case, literature review or reserarch work. You should keep in mind that the most scientifically attactive abstracts and best evaluated ones by the committee will be accepted.
  • The abstract must be original and unpublished, which has not been presented in any other scientifica event and is not in the process of review or evaluation for publication
  • The deadline for submission will be August 13th 2019. Any work submitted after that date will not he registered for participation.
  • All registered applications will be reviewed and notified via email if your work is accepted to be sumbited. The date of notification of acceptance of the abstracts will be from October 1st to 10th 2019.

*Before that date mentioned above you can request for a letter to the scientific commission for institutional procedures, explaining that your work is under review for possible presentation at the XXI CIALACIBU.

*You will receive a letter where ALACIBU and the scientific committee, compromises to protect your personal information and copyright.

*It will not be allowed to change your laptop during presentations, only the technicians will be allowed to make these changes in order to speed up the time between presentations.


For resident's abstracts:

  • The author of the abstract must be a resident of any year and the co-authors will be responisble for the clinical case / literature review / research work, etc.
  • The residents must have the authorization of his head of service.
  • The presenting resident and co-authors must be registered in the XXI CIALACIBU to be able to present their abstract and receive a certificate of participation. There will be no exceptions.
  • Only 1 author and 2 co-authors per work will be accepted, so records will be issued only for this number of participants.
  • The author may only register an oral presentation; In case of sending more than one oral work, only the first one registered will be accepted.
  • The oral presentation will be 8 minutes at the time of exposure and 2 minutes will be allocated for questions and answers.
  • WE ASK YOU TO PLEASE ADJUST TO THE ESTABLISHED TIME and avoid that we interrupt your presentation.

For surgeon's abstracts: 

  • The presenting doctor must be registered in order to present his abstract. Residents or interns will not be allowed to make the presentation even if they are co-authors.
  • Only the exhibitor will receive a certificate for his presentation. There will be no exceptions.
  • The oral presentation will be 15 minutes at the time of exposure and 2 minutes will be allocated for questions and answers. 
  • WE ASK YOU TO PLEASE ADJUST TO THE EXTABLISHED TIME and avoid that we interrupt your presentation.